Vietnam Visa Application

What is visa on arrival?

Under Vietnam immigration new law and regulations, parallel with Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam Immigration Department is authorized to issue Vietnam visa. It is called Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam visa online or Vietnam evisa.

Vietnam evisas allow visa applicants applying Vietnam visas through the internet by an online application form. If their visa applications have approved then they will receive an approval letter from the Immigration officers.  The approval letter permits applicants fly to Vietnam without visa in advance as usual. They will receive their visas at a Vietnam International Airport.

Vietnam evisas contain tourist evisa and business evisa.

What is Vietnam business evisa?

Vietnam business evisa is the visa for people who come to work, finding job or taking business conference, finding business opportunities in Vietnam. Business evisa allows people to travel also.

What is Vietnam tourist evisa?

Vietnam tourist evisa is designed for people who want to travel to Vietnam, or visiting friends and family in Vietnam. It’s normally valid for 1 month.

Why applying for Vietnam evisa?

First, it is fast. Normal process only takes 48 hours. In the urgent case it can be done in 2 hours.

Second, it is convenience. People can apply from anywhere and at any time. No matter it is at home or in a café or in an office, with a computer or Smartphone and an internet connection people can apply for Vietnam evisa. No matter it is holidays or in the middle of the night, people still can submit their visa application, no need to find physical office or waiting to the next day.

Third, it is cost saving. Assuming that you are going to drive from your house to a closest embassy or consulate office, how long does it take to be there and how much people have to pay for petrol, it can be a big saving if you live far away from embassies.

Fourth, it is time saving. Supposing that you were arriving at the embassy office after a long journey, it is lunch time and you have to find place to wait till open time, then it takes you a little more for waiting in the line, and then come back to pick up your visa. It must be a lot of time and frustrated.

How to pay – What to pay

There are 2 fees types you have to pay:

  • The first one is the service fee which you paid to us for our work of helping you to get the approval letter from Vietnam Immigration department. This fee you can pay online by Zooz, Gate2shop, Western Union, Xoom or PayPal.
  • The second fee is visa fee which you have to pay to Vietnam custom at Vietnam airport. This fee you have to pay by USA cash only, no other currency no other payment methods (such as Credit cards or American express) will be accepted at the Vietnam airport.

So please pay attention regarding cash USD to pay for stamp fee at the airports.

What is approval letter – How to use it?

Approval letter is a letter which is sent to you from Vietnam Immigration Department. It is formed on the A4 size paper. This letter informs you that about visa application status whether it is accepted or denied.

If your application has accepted, the letter will let you know the date you can arrive and leave, you should arrive between these dates.

Your type of your visa (business or tourist, single or multiple entries)

A declaration that you can receive a visa at the airport where you will arrive

Your personal and passport information

Below is an example of an approval letter.

Approval letter tutorial

Approval letter tutorial

Entry date

Entry date is the date you are allowed to enter Vietnam

Exit date

Exit date is the date your visa has expired; you must leave Vietnam before this date otherwise you will have to pay a penalty money for breaking the immigration law. If you want to stay after this date you should apply for EXTEND VISA.

What is single entry visa?

Vietnam single evisa (or visa) allows you to entry the country one time only, as soon as you leave the country after you have entered Vietnam, your visa will be cancelled and you cannot come back in again unless you applying for another new visa.

What is multiple entries visa?

Multiple evisa means you can come in and out Vietnam many times during your visa validation.

For example, if you have entered Vietnam by air and then you leave to other countries such as Cambodia or Laos whatever, this type of visa allows you come back without any other visa requested.

Time to arrive – Finding the arrival office

You should arrive on or after the entry date (but before the exit date) which is given in the APPROVAL LETTER.

When arriving at the airport, you should following the instruction sign to get to the customs office to get your visa. Below are examples of Vietnam evisa offices and instructional sign.

Finding the arrival office 1

Finding the arrival office 1

Finding the arrival office 2

Finding the arrival office 2

Finding the arrival office 3

Finding the arrival office 3