Processing times

Processing times for Vietnam visa on are set based on processing times of Vietnam Immigration Department under normal circumstances. These processing times are formed in 3 categories: 2 working days (or 48 hours), 8 hours and 4 hours processes.

Processing times should be calculated from the next business day after you have submitted your application and paid for the fees.

In some cases, Vietnam Immigration Department might request for additional information, delay or deny processing at their discretion without any further explanations. In these cases, if it is your mistakes or their special requirements to your applications, it is out of our control therefore we will not be held responsible for any delays or denial from Immigration Department is only responsible to the time and fees you have paid to us. Time will be counted from next working day after you complete the submission to our website with correct information and paid fully fees. If your application is denied by Immigration Officer we will give back a full refund to you. Please read Refund Policy for more details.

Sometimes applicants gave wrong information from typing mistakes these can be wrong spelling, name order or wrong passport number; therefore need to be changed. These may lead to a delay in visa processing. You should contact us immediately if you are under these situations to prevent unnecessary cost and time delaying. Sometimes extra time and fees might be applied depends on each cases.