Vietnam Embassy in Palau

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Palau ?

Please be kindly informed that there has been no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in Palau so far. You can come in person or contact by mail to any country which has a Vietnam Embassy/Consulate that is nearest and most convenient for you.

Whenever there is an Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in Palau we will post on our website immediately.

In case you have any information about the establishment of the Vietnam Embassy or consulate in Palau, please send us via our email and we would appreciate so much for your help!


Complete Name: Republic of Palau

Native Name: Belau


Capital: Koror

States : Aimeliik, Airai, Angaur, Hatohobei, Kayangel, Koror, Melekeok, Ngaraard, Ngardmau, Ngaremlengui, Ngatpang, Ngchesar, Ngarchelong, Ngiwal, Peleliu, Sonsorol, Rock Islands

Towns : Airai, Kloulklubed, Koror, Meyuns