Wallis and Futuna

Vietnam Embassy in Wallis and Futuna

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Wallis and Futuna ?

Currently, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in Wallis and Futuna. Please contact to any other country where a Vietnam embassy/consulate is located.

We are pleased to inform that we will post their information on our website as soon as we have any trustful information about them.

In case you have any latest information about the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in this country, please let us know and we will be appreciated for your assistance.


Complete Name: Territory of Wallis and Futuna

Native Name: Wallis et Futuna


Dependent from: France

Capital: Mata-Utu

Islands & Districts : Alo, Sigave, Futuna, Hahake, Hihifo, Mua, Wallis (Uvea)

Villages : Aka-Aka (Akaka), Alele, Falaleu, Halalo, Liku, Mala’e, Mata-Utu, Ono, Taoa, Utufoa, Vailala, Vaitupu.